Clinical Trial:

MitoQ Supplementation for Improving Blood Vessel Function

The Integrative Physiology of Aging Laboratory at the University of Colorado Boulder is investigating if consuming MitoQ, an antioxidant, once a day for 3 months can improve blood vessel and brain function.

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Do you qualify?

Over 60 years old icon

You are age 60+

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You are comfortable taking 1 pill per day (either MitoQ or a placebo) for 3 months

How to participate:

Please contact us directly or fill out a screening form by pressing the “ENROLL HERE” button below and we will get back to you.

What you get out of participating:

Health Information

We will share and briefly explain health information we collect during the study. This includes results from your physical exam, including blood panels, blood vessel function assessments, and blood pressure measurements, all of which you can share with your physician.


We appreciate your time and effort volunteering with us. We will provide monetary compensation for your time and reimburse you for mileage if desired. You will also receive a meal voucher for visits noted as lasting longer than 3 hours in the consent document.

Where is the trial taking place?

All study visits will take place at the University of Colorado Boulder campus.

Our laboratory is located at 1805 Colorado Ave, Boulder, CO 80309. You can find our laboratory by clicking here. We will provide you instructions for free parking on campus nearby our offices.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Our study team takes care of parking for study visits and will compensate you for mileage and your time in the study. Payment is typically received at the end of the study in the form of a check mailed to you ~1 month after you complete it. If you would prefer, we are happy to pay you throughout the study.

You will also be provided a CU Boulder meal voucher for in-person visits lasting 3 hours or more. There are no direct costs to you participating in the study, though childcare and taking time off of work to travel to the study site and partake in study visits are all things you should consider when deciding to participate.

A: Completing the study will require ~19 hours of your time over the course of the 4-month study period. This includes screening visits to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria, baseline testing, safety check-in visits, and post-intervention testing.

A: MitoQ is safe to consume at the dose we give. Some participants have reported stomach aches, gas, or nausea; however, this does not last long. We screen potential participants for medical conditions that may make it unsafe to participate–this information is reviewed by 2 physicians.

A: Unless instructed by your provider, you should continue taking all medications as prescribed. We may ask you to refrain from consuming over-the-counter supplements before your visits, but this is only for non-prescribed supplements. We ask that you inform us of any lifestyle changes during the course of the study, including changes in medications/supplements (doses included!), exercise routine, and diet, as these could potentially impact our measurements.

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