Kevin Murray


Dr. Murray joined the IPA laboratory in 2021 after graduating from the University of Florida where he obtained his PhD in Physiology under Dr. Thomas L. Clanton and Indiana University where he obtained his MS in Exercise Physiology. For his PhD dissertation, he utilized a preclinical mouse model of exertional heat stroke to identify changes in epigenetic signatures that contribute to an increase in chronic disease and all-cause mortality following exposure to exertional heat stroke. He also played an integral role in NIH-funded research that elucidated the role of skeletal muscle in the innate immune response. Currently, Dr. Murray is supported by an American Heart Association postdoctoral fellowship to conduct a Phase IIa clinical trial to investigate the efficacy of chronic MitoQ supplementation for improving vascular function in older adults. Outside of the laboratory, Dr. Murray enjoys spending his time with his wife, daughter, and two huskies exploring all things outdoors in beautiful Colorado.
Twitter: @KOMurrayPhD